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Barbecue Secrets

Last week's BBQ Tweets winner!

May 21, 2009

The volume of tweets last week was down a bit but entrants made up for it with some great recipes, tips and tricks. Again, it was hard to choose.

Here are the best of them, with the winner at the end:

An easy, elegant dessert from @ruthlesscrab: Blackberries&Jim Beam Whipped Cream. Great after-bbq dessert. Whp 500ml(2c)crm w 2 T brn sug+2 T bourbon. Srv on fresh berries

Nice appetizer from @erlewilliams Mushroom Appetizer: Marinate mushrooms in balsamic vinager, seasame oil, soya sauce, chili peppers, S&P. Grill a few minutes.

Another lip-smackin' dish from @erlewilliams:  2 chick breast. 2/3c rum, grated ginger, 1/3c oj, 6 clove garlic, 2T worcestershire, 2T br. sug, selantro, Marinate 3h. Grill.

Excellent common-sense tip from @danklassen: make sure to have some extra propane handy in case you run out... unlike my last weekend

Simple and delicious spuds from @sbouchard: love grilling sliced potatoes (brushed with a little evo right on the grill. Seasoned with salt and pepper. Delicious!

This pork recipe from @denisyb got my juices going: roast pork loin smothered in maple and apricot jam glaze (with a little cider vinegar) + oiled & grilled apple slices = mmm

An over-the-top classic sausage log from @DivaQBBQ: 5lbsausage 5tbsponion 4japsdiced 3tbspfavBBQrub mx tologshape wrapw/2lbbaconbbqindirec-165glazew/sweetBBQsauce make friends

And, finally, the WINNER for this week, a lovely shrimp skewer, again from @DivaQBBQ: 32rawshrimp 8orangesliced 32skewers shrimponorange piercewithskewer sprinklewithvegeta grill indirect glazemandarinBBQsauce

Thanks to everyone who entered...and get your tweets in for this week, there are only two days left! Here are the contest rules and a rundown on the grand prizes. Get on it!