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Barbecue Secrets

Pink Salmon Festival – A Celebration of Health & Plenty

Aug 28, 2009

Hey barbecue fans. If you're in the Vancouver area this weekend, come by Hadden/Vanier park and taste some pink salmon, some of it cooked by yours truly. See the news release below for details.


Pink Salmon Festival – A Celebration of Health & Plenty

August 30th, 11am – 5pm Hadden/ Vanier Park,...

Aug 16, 2009

On August 11th I had a great time on the Christy Clark Show. In this episode I serve Christy the first-place winner in the Backyard Burger event of this year's Canadian National BBQ Championships in Whistler, B.C., my Beef Burger With Chile Butter Core. I also answer a bunch of great listener...

Barbecue Academy now booking into this fall!

Aug 12, 2009

Teamwork through barbeceu graphic A few years ago I launched Barbecue Academy. It's a day-long corporate teambuilding workshop that teaches participants about championship barbecue in a fun, relaxing atmosphere with plenty of room for socializing.

I think it's the only event of its kind in the world. There are lots of hands-on barbecue workshops...