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Barbecue Secrets

Pacific Palate Does Barbecue

Jul 27, 2006

My friend Don Genova is a longtime radio personality specializing in food. His excellent blog, Pacific Palate, features an item on me and my latest cookbook, Planking Secrets. Check out the blog post, or download the mini-documentary and give it a...

Jul 12, 2006

Hey, barbecue fans. Welcome to another Barbecue Secrets video podcast.  This spring I was a guest on Vancouver's Global Morning News demonstrating plank cooking recipes from my new book, Planking Secrets. With the kind help of Sharron Bates of Global I'm re-broadcasting them on this podcast, and I'm posting the...

Jul 7, 2006

[Sorry if you had trouble viewing this podcast. I initially posted the wrong media file, and also, I think libsyn doesn't support video on its player in the right hand column of this blog. So, here's a link directly to the podcast download.]

In this edition I follow pitmaster Adam Protter of Big Smoke Mountain...