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Barbecue Secrets

Astounding image of my last barbecue taken from space

Jun 26, 2009

Now I see why the neighbors complained.

(Find out the real story here and check out this stunning animated view.)

Jun 26, 2009

Just before Father's Day, my friend Gary Johnstone, owner of Johnstone's BBQs and Parts, and I talk about grills and accessories on Vancouver-based chat show Urban Rush.

The cool charcoal cooker at the beginning of the segment is a Cobb cooker, my favorite portable charcoal grill/barbecue.

Grand prize winners of the BBQ Tweets Contest!

Jun 24, 2009

Hey, barbecue fans.

First, let me apologize for being late in announcing the winners for the last three weeks of my BBQ tweets contest. I had a death in my family earlier this month and was completely preoccupied with that, as well as other work and barbecue responsibilities.

It's been a fun contest. Although the...

BBQ Tweet contest winners for weeks 3 and 4

Jun 1, 2009

The dust has finally settled for me after a couple of weeks of intense book promotion activity, including a great four days in Calgary and a fun appearance last Thursday on Vancouver's Urban Rush.

The BBQ tweets have gone down to a trickle (I'm not sure barbecue fanatics are active twitterers....yet.) But the ones I...