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Barbecue Secrets

BBQ Tweet Contest Week #1 Winner!

May 12, 2009

Hey barbecue fans! The first week of the big BBQ Tweet contest ended Friday and I'm delighted to report that I received lots of great tweets and e-mail entries.

There were simple, delicious recipes like graemeb3's: "The easiest and most delicious BBQ salmon recipe: salmon covered in mild salsa placed on tinfoil. Great when camping too!"

Carib1028 had my mouth watering with this nicely condensed recipe for a stuffed burger: "saute onions, shitake/load on thin patty w/ cheese/top w/ thin patty/seal/grill w/ R&Ds BBQ sauce/serve on toasted bun/ooz'n."

GisellLaRose shared a delicious take on burger seasoning: "My secret weapon in my homemade bbq sauce or hamburgers is sesame oil and cumin. Sooo good, you have to try it!"

I also got some excellent tips, like this one from 8chocolate: "When cooking fish on barbq, wrap seasoned fillets in cabbage leaves. Protects fish, keeps juices in and can eat the cabbage 2."

All excellent, and worthy of honorable mention. It was a hard choice, but here is the winner, which is a very short but touching barbecue story from YVRBcbudz: "I had real BBQ from a southern grandma the day the LA riots started and it was a coming together of races over pulled pork." That pretty much captures the spirit of barbecue as far as I'm concerned.

CONGRATS! YVRBcbudz, e-mail me at with your address and Barbecue Secrets DELUXE! publisher Whitecap Books will get a copy in the mail to you right away.

Please keep the tweets and e-mails coming and I look foward to announcing next week's winner. Don't forget, there are great prizes for the grand champion and four runners up. Find out more about the contest at this Whitecap blog post.