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Barbecue Secrets

Jul 7, 2013

Hey barbecue fans, welcome to the latest edition of the podcast!

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This week's show features talks with two legendary figures -- guitarist and blues icon Amos Garrett and fishmonger extraordinare Kosta Zogaris

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Kosta’s Grilled Halibut

Prepare your grill for direct medium heat. Make sure to scrape the grill before you put the halibut on. 

A nice piece of boneless, skinless halibut

Kosher salt or sea salt

Freshly ground black pepper

Olive oil

Dried oregano leaves


Season the halibut with salt and pepper and drizzle a little oil on each side.

Just before you’re ready to cook, put some oil on a scrunched up paper towel and oil the cooking grates (be careful not to burn yourself). Place the halibut on the grill. As you put it on, use your tongs to move it back and forth along the cooking grate for the first few seconds to help avoid sticking. Turn it after just one or two minutes and close the grill. The halibut is done when it’s firm to the touch, or it reads 130F at its thickest part.

Remove the halibut from the grill, let it rest for a couple of minutes and finish it with a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkle of oregano and a drizzle of oil.  Serve it garnished with a lemon wedge with some rice and grilled veggies.


You can find Amos Garrett's home page here, and there's a great listing on Wikipedia, too. For more about Kosta, including links to lots of great seafood recipes, go here

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