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Barbecue Secrets

A few shots from the Nationals

Aug 5, 2008

The Butt Shredders had a great time over the weekend at the Canadian National BBQ Championships. About 25 teams showed, despite a rock slide that turned a 2-hour drive into an 8-hour detour, but it was more than worth the trip. The highlight: we won the Budweiser King of the Grill contest (which is basically a chef's choice/unlimited category) with wild B.C. sockeye salmon with a Jack Daniel's and maple syrup glaze.  We also did well in chicken (2nd place thanks to the great work of Vince Gogolek) and butt (4th place, which is okay considering we had a smoker catasrophe at four in the morning when a lawn sprinkler went off and soaked our cookers while everyone was asleep).

Check out a few photos at